Display windows

Display windows are the modern option for glazing shops and stores, offices, banks, public buildings and places where the appearance is essential and needs to look elegant and welcoming. The display window set can be a combination of few static display windows and a few single or double glass doors. This type of glazing is enabling maximum visibility in the premises as well as reduces energy consumption for lighting. Our display windows are being made using two types of glass:
– Singular float glass, which is the most commonly used glass with thickness up to 20mm, preferably tempered.
– Triplex with various thickness, from 6mm to 12mm, with the option for a combination of few static and opening parts. In the event of being hit, the triplex cracks but does not break.
Most commonly used thickness for glass manufacturing is 10mm. There are six standard colour options for the display windows. Installment is done using aluminium profile, which can be in different colours chosen from RAL catalogue.