External insulation on scaffolding or by alpine method

External insulation on scaffolding or by alpine method

Thermal insulation has got many advantages and that’s why it’s a basic component for the newly built houses or in the process of remediation of old buildings. When you choose thermal insulation you have to know, that you choose thermal insulation you have to know, that you choose multi-component system. It’s notably important every component of the insulation to be fit to others because this provides safety and durability of the product. The main components of a thermal insulation system are:
thermo-insulating material (EPS – XPS, mineral cotton, etc)
adhesive putty mixture
fiberglass net
There are some basic thermal insulation systems:

1. System with EPS with thickness of 5-10cm and mineral rendering with polymeric addings. There is a possibility to choose a colour
Its advantages are:
good permeability
good thermo-insulating parameters
high level of anti-age protection of colour
saves money for air-conditioning
2. Graphite thermal insulating system with EPS with thickness of 5-10cm and graphite added. Mineral rendering in many colours.
Its advantages are:
quick and easy making
ensures air circulation through the wall
good inter-relation price-product
saves money for air-conditioning
3. System, containing thermal insulating planes made of mineral cotton with thickness of 5cm and an option to choose from different types of rendering.
Its advantages are:
Superiority over the other two systems in connection with the steam transmittance and noise transmittance.
The main material (stone cotton) is not flammable and not aging
Breathing system, which improves the microclimate in the building
Saves money for air-conditioning

With every type of thermal insulation system you have the possibility to choose different types of rendering (mineral, silicate, silicone, silicate-silicone) and different colours. The thickness of the thermal insulating board also may vary depending on the desire of the clients and their financial potential. The pricing will be made after technical consultation with our specialists.

Hydro insulation

Every building is exposed to weathering and its resistance to it defines its durability and stability. Wet is an important factor. There are places which need hydro insulation in every house or residential building:
An important condition and a warranty for good work is knowing and following of instructions for the technology of hydro insulating. Our experience is the reason of our confidence. We’ve learned all techniques so our warranty is real.

Internal repairs:
water system

Sound and noise insulation
The environmental impact, for example the noise, endanger our health and impact both our physical and psychical conditions. The reasons may vary, for example traffic noise, or airplane, railroad or other industrial noise. Even the lawmakers are trying in different governmental acts and laws to fight the noise as a harmful effect of the environment. The human’s realization that he has to fight with that sickening effect is more distinctive than ever! The made a certain noise source sound waves create acoustic pressure through the flickering of the air molecules which then superimposes.
High building and installment

Cleaning and maintenance of glass facades
Cleaning, maintenance and impregnating of stone facades
Installment of advertisement boards on places with very difficult access
Cleaning of snow and icicles from rooftops