Suspended facades and roofing


Facade from latin word facies – face. The face of your building!

Suspended facades

Suspended glass facades – in this kind of facades, insulated glass units are hanged on a built aluminium or metal construction. The construction consists of horizontals and verticals that are installed with the so called “heels” of the steel reinforced concrete elements of the building. This kind of facade is exported in front of the building itself. The horizontals play the role of outfalls, while the verticals – the one of drain pipes.
-Aluminium cap facades – with this type of facades the weight is carried by the horizontals. The insulated glass units are installed with aluminium moldings with installed on them rubber paddings. The moldings are attached with screws to the bearing construction that are then covered with decorative caps.
– Dry fugue facades – with this type of facades the insulated glass units are installed in aluminium frames with rubber paddings which, on their hand, after that are installed on the bearing construction. The method of installment of the insulated glass units on the aluminium frames is either by fixation with profiles or by gluing them with silicone.
-Silicone fugue facades – here the insulated glass units are manufactured with a special spacer. This way a cavity is formed in the silicone fillers. This cavity is made to hold elements that afterwards are attached to the bearing verticals and horizontals by screws. This way the elements push the inner glass to the construction, while the outer one is left in front thanks to the bicomponent silicone we use. The fugue is then filled with silicone.

Ventilated facades

This type of facades is made of wooden, aluminium or steel constructions with different overlay. For this type of facades, we first need to install the so-called “heels” that will hold the construction, then we put the insulation (mineral or stone wool), hydro insulated membrane, bearing construction and only after that we attach the chosen facing. The facing can be wood, etalbond, ceramics, stone, etc. This type of facades is breathing, the thermal insulation is always dry and does not allow for the moisture to be held in the building.

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