What if the window system is for replacement…

The choice you make has to be rational and careful. The chosen windows and doors has to be adequate to the design and the architecture. The window system does not require frequent change so it should be looked at as an investment. Currently on the market there are:

Wooden window system with insulating glass units
PVC window system
Aluminium window system
The window system is installed for: thermal insulation, noise insulation, light permeability, solar protection, wind durability, protection from breaking ins, easy maintenance, long period of exploitation, balance between price, quality and energy economy.
The PVC window system is the most common choice of most of the clients. Important requirement for the PVC profile for manufacturing doors and windows is that they have the proper certification. The external wall of the profiles has to be 3mm wide and the metallic reinforcing profile has to be made out of galvanized tin not less than 1.5mm wide.
There is a wide range of glasses, that are used for manufacturing of the insulated glass units. They take most of the window system’s area and the factors of the different types of insulated glass units are not to be ignored if you wish to achieve comfort, harmony and economy of energy.
The properly chosen profile for doors and windows, with the proper insulating glass unit and quality installment will save you from future expenses.