Aluminium system with cut thermal bridge, WP 7100

WP 7100 – WP 7100 series (thermo profile) enhanced aluminium system with cut thermal bridge.

Polyamide with width of 18mm. Suitable for installment outside. For implementation on windows, doors. Casement’s width is 52mm and 63,5mm, window wing width 59mm, door wing width 59mm (opening to the inside and to the outside). Three rubber paddings (internal, external and central). Option for glazing with insulated glass units between 24mm and 32mm wide. Rich colour options – foil/dust painting imitating wood or dust painting with a colour from the RAL catalogue.


Standard foil colour options

Light walnut

Dark walnut

Cherry tree


Golden oak

Dark oak


Foil colour options upon request

Foil colour options upon request:
The Alumina Glass company manufactures also non-standard foils upon request. You can make a choice yourself from a wide range of colours, both foils imitating wood and coloured foils (blue, green, grey, etc). The foiling can be one-sided or two-sided, when with the two-sided option you can choose different colours for each side. This kind of requests are usually manufactured between 30 and 45 days. For more information, please contact us..


Colours from the RAL catalogue – see more